Specialized Expertise

At Daehnke Cruz, we know how to leverage our legal knowledge, regulatory contacts and vast experience to create and implement the best client-specific environmental law advice and strategies, whether related to Toxic Succession planning, Brownfields development, or other site investigation, remediation, litigation or cost-recovery issues.

We can streamline the cleanup process, maximize liability protections, minimize costs of cleanup and regulatory compliance, and even secure grants and other funding, including cost recovery monies from prior owners/operators and insurance policies. At Daehnke Cruz we know how to get the most out of regulatory tools like the Polanco Redevelopment Act (now superseded by AB 440), the California Land Reuse and Revitalization Act (CLRRA), the Bona Fide Ground Tenant Program (SB 989) and the Bona Fide Prospective Purchaser amendments to federal CERCLA law.

The Firm pioneered the “Campaign 5000” toxic succession outreach to educate financial and estate planning professionals on strategies to head off the unwitting passing (at death) of potentially catastrophic environmental cleanup liability. We also created and secured legislative enactment of the Bona Fide Ground Tenant concept (Senate Bill 989).

Daehnke Cruz attorneys have significant litigation background in the CERCLA (Superfund), cost-recovery (including, previously, the Polanco Act) and environmental insurance litigation arenas, and often serve as a "troubleshooter" to guide in-house counsel and other law firms in environmental litigation, regulatory matters and Brownfields initiatives.

Mr. Daehnke is a frequent speaker at State and local Bar programs and on industry panels and conferences, typically focusing on environmental remediation, toxic succession strategies and Brownfields redevelopment issues. He has testified before the Assembly Toxics Committee, authored dozens of articles and publications on these topics, and has served in leadership positions on numerous bar, government-appointed and professional committees, associations and panels.

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