In-House Counsel

With the growing sophistication of corporate in-house counsel and corporate management, more and more larger companies are employing outside legal counsel who have a specialized legal expertise, rather than relying solely on a large "one-stop shop" for all of the company's legal needs. The Daehnke Cruz Law Group, which practices in Los Angeles and Orange Counties and throughout California, is perfect for companies with this approach to hiring outside legal counsel. While the Firm's partners come from top law schools and have significant experience working in medium-to-large law firms, the 17-year law partnership has recently downsized its operations to target its core expertise: the remediation, real estate development, regulatory oversight and litigation issues associated with Brownfield redevelopment and the site cleanup and remediation of contaminated properties. The specialized expertise of the Daehnke Cruz Law Group's attorneys, especially in the Brownfields arena, is not available at most of the big law firms throughout California, including many of those with real property law and environmental law departments. By hiring Daehnke Cruz Law Group, a company's in-house counsel and corporate management can rest assured that their environmental matters are handled with the sophistication and creativity they expect and deserve.