Cities and Redevelopment Agencies

The partners at The Daehnke Cruz Law Group have a long history of working with local government, especially with California's prior redevelopment agency entities, to redevelop Brownfields and other contaminated properties. The Firm has special expertise in utilizing the Polanco Redevelopment Act (now superseded by AB 440) and its cost recovery and immunity provisions. Before California's redevelopment agencies were abolished, the Firm had been active for more than a decade in the Brownfield Committee of the California Redevelopment Association. The Firm prides itself on excellent working relationships with municipal planners (and previously redevelopment staff) in numerous cities in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, and throughout California. The Firm believes that the redevelopment of Brownfields in "blighted" urban redevelopment project areas must be one of the State's primary Smart Growth objectives.

Since December of 2006, the Daehnke Cruz Law Group has provided workshops and training programs to city and redevelopment staff at more than thirty-seven (37) cities. These workshops have included special training on the redevelopment opportunities presented by California Senate Bill 989, also known as the "Bona Fide Ground Tenant" model, a new Brownfields tool created by the Firm's partners.